Born 1970 in Moscow.

Studied arts at a number of art schools, as well as at Boris Trofimov’s and Irina Borisova’s workshops.

1994 – art director of a ceramics studio.

Since 1996 works as graphic designer, drawing artist and painter.

In 2006 Dasha Delone and Liza Plavinskay established their own publishing company.

Since 1991 Dasha Delone is a member of The International Association of Art, IAA/AIAP.

In 2016 Dasha Delone and Dima Goryachkin create art group DaDim and  start  work together.

Delone’s works are presented at The Museum of Everything, London; Viatka Contemporary Arts Museum, Russia; Stara Lubovna Contemporary Arts Museum, Slovakia; Bulgakov Museum, Moscow; Fonticus City Gallery, Groghnjan, Croatia and in several private collections.

Dasha Delone is a painter, drawer, sculptor and author of livre d’artiste (artist’s book) pieces. Her style of painting combine aesthetics and traditions such as naïve art, European surrealism, Old Russian frescoes and Russsian avant-guarde of the beginning of the XX century. The onieric space of Delone’s paintings invites the spectator to the world of personal imagination and of cultural archetypes as well. The artists universe is inhabited by lots of bizarre and at the same time easily recognizable creatures: dragons, fairies and faerie birds. In Delone’s works our everyday reality acquires a new mysterial dimension, the childlike ingenuousness reveals philosophic depths.


Selected Exhibitions


• Solo exhibition "Totems, Myths, Images". The State Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow


• Solo exhibition "Grains of Sand and Void" Mark Rothko Art Centre, Daugavpils, Latvia 

• Solo exhibition "Levitation". MO Gallery. Riga. Latvia

• Solo exhibition "The upcoming: Space-Time" MYRO gallery. Thessaloníki, Greece

Solo exhibition "Where we are? Who we are?" Gamrekeli Gallery/გალერეა გამრეკელი, Tbilisi, Georgia

Chittagong Open ART Biennale

Scope New York

"Fathers and Sons". The left wing of the house of Gogol. Moscow


Solo exhibition "Archaic Perspectives", DaDim art group

& Georgi Litichevsky . Fabrika CCI, Moscow

Solo exhibition "From feeling to image"

Fonticus City Gallery, Groghnjan, Istria, Croatia

• "Angles of Reflection". Curated by James Tyler. GARNER Arts

Festival, Garner arts center, New York
• "Fest of Love and Labor" , Moscow

• "A Standing Wave." DaDim» (Dasha Delone and Dima Goryachkin) and Roberta Weissman Nagy, Croatia. Mitki art center, Sankt-Petersburg


Solo exhibition "On the Eve ". Fabrika CCI, Moscow. Art group DaDim

Solo exhibition “After Sidur”. Vadim Sidur Museum, Moscow Museum and Exhibition Association Manege Moscow. Art group DaDim

Solo exhibition “To whom a prolog – and to whom an epilog”. Moscow State Bulgakov Museum, Moscow. Art group DaDim

• "Putch Dimonov" Mitki art center, Sankt-Petersburg


ArtRiga. Riga. Latvia. “Everything is Art” gallery

“PlayGraund”. Graund peschanaya Gallery. Moscow.

Scope Art Bazel. Bazel. Switzerland. “Everything is Art” gallery

• Art Vilnus. Vilnus. Litvania. Caravan Gallery, Paris

• Caravan Inernational Art Forum of Contemporary art.

Kutaisi Georgia

• "Otmorozilis". Moscow, Zverev Contemporary Arts Center


• Aqua Art Miami. Miami. USA. “Everything is Art” gallery

• ArtRiga. Riga. Latvia. “Everything is Art” gallery

• Affordable Art Fair (Seoul) – Everything is Art Gallery

• Art Show 21, International Art Plener, Slovakia, Stara Lubovna.

• “Thoughts Aloud!”, Moscow, Zverev Contemporary Arts Center

“Everything is Art” gallery, at the  Affordable art fair, Singapore

“Ceremonial portrait”, Moscow, Studio 50A, Studio Kop



• Solo exhibition “Not Exactly Animals”, Moscow, Zverev Contemporary Arts Center

• “Everything is Art” gallery, at the Kölner Liste art-fair, Cologne, Germany

“The First Catalogue of the Third Avant-garde, Moscow, Zverev Contemporary Arts Center



Museum of Everything. Exhibition №5, Moscow, Garage Art Gallery

Exhibition of “Everything is Art” artists’ association as part of the Sakhart festival, Moscow

“Calendar Presentation”, Moscow, Artplay Gallery, “Volna” bar

“The Third Avant-Garde. North Pole” project, on board of the nuclear-powered icebreaker “50 Let Pobedy” and at the North Pole itself

“Everything is Art” gallery, at the Aqua Art Miami contemporary art fair, Miami-Beach, USA



Solo exhibition “Everything’s Not Now”, Moscow, Pokrovka, 27

“Melomaniacs-2”, Moscow, Zverev Contemporary Arts Center

The First Exhibition of the Third Avant-garde, Pokrovka, 27



“God, Chicks and Booze”, Moscow, Vspolny Art Gallery



“A Small Exhibition”, Moscow, Pokrovka, “Everything is Art” gallery

“Melomaniacs”, Moscow, Zverev Contemporary Arts Center



Solo exhibition “By Tail and Claw”, Moscow, Arbat, Liza Plavinskaya’s appartement

“Universam” – the bazaar of artists’ associations” as part of the parallel program of the Third Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Izvestia-Hall



“Malaya Gruzinskaya, 28”, Moscow Manege Art Gallery



Not Exactly Animals

Dasha Delone belongs to The Third Avant-garde movement. As an artist she is a complex phenomenon with a pretty long story behind – the story of Painter, Poet, Designer, Publisher and Equestrian that come upon the stage interchangeably to engender the extremely eventful life. The events in their turn are reflected on canvas as flowers and dragons, bottles and Valkyries, pirates and musicians.
In the beginning were Russian medieval booklore, manuscript miniatures and restoration of old rural churches. At the same time Dasha Delone studied the art and the science of graphic design and typography at Boris Trofimov’s studio.
Oil painting, regarded then as the essential and indispensable element of artistic education, Dasha Delone mastered at an exquisite private art studio – a sort of a free academy bringing to mind the atmosphere of impressionists’ Paris.
Then there came to her life an avant-garde ceramist Irina Labutina, rock'n'roll, hippie vagrancies, philosophy, mystics, poetry and music. Early in the 1990s Dasha Delone dedicated herself to studying ceramics, enamels, chemistry, the ways of obtaining pure colours.
Oil painting re-entered her life as a form of nonverbal poetry. Colours, paint, canvases and brushes were much more amenable to the touch than the spangles and gadgets around.
It all started with dragons and fish. The creatures were virtually alive, almost independent of the authors will. The way naïve painters like to put it: I was about to paint something quite different, but this one appeared by its own out of nowhere. While painting a tram Dasha Delone gets a dragon; she is painting a fish – and all of a sudden the Parcae saddle its chine.
Dasha Delone’s art makes me muse on the artistic avant-garde – and to perceive it as the kind of art that is by no means based on an ideology or a philosophy of any kind. Avant-garde is rather a sort of a fair-tale existentialism – actually a variant of realism, but of the realism dealing with its specific, totally exotic reality.
Avant-garde as it reveals itself in Dasha Delone’s works is the creativity based upon the centuries-long cultural experience of a metropolitan dweller who is not all the while suppressed by the burden of his cultural background – but instead knows how to pilot his old-timer aeroplane toward the territory with the climate ideally tuned up for dragons to live.
Early in the 1990s Dasha Delone and her friends founded a nonconformist art-group “The Three Oranges”, but the time in those days was not ripe for nonconformity. Nowadays she is a co-founder of “Everything is Art” association with more than 800 members united by one and the only quality of standing out against the background of the general artistic landscape.

by Lisa Plavinsky
member of International Association of Art Critics and Art Historics AICA