oil.canvas 150x1000 2016

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oil, canvas 80x120 2016

The cavalery

oil, canvas 80x120 2016

The Ships leave for the sea

oil, canvas 80x120 2016


100x100, 2014, oil on canvas


Canvas, oil 70x70. 2015 private collection

Antiquated Trinity

Canvas, oil 60x60. 2015. private collection

Solo for a Violoncello with Snail

oil, canvas, modelling paste. 2015. 60x90


90 х 80, oil on canvas, 2014, private collection

Fish world of my dreams

2015, oil, canvas. 120x80

Moiras on a back of World Fish

3000х1500, 2011, oil on canvas. Museum of Everything, London

st. Joseph

40x50, 2014, oil on canvas, modeling paste, private collection, Singapore

With Red Dragon

50x100, oil on canvas

King Solomon

2015, oil, canvas, modelling paste. 50x70

Dragon Over the World

60x45, 2013, oil on canvas

Worshipping the Golden Calf

2015, oil, canvas, modelling paste. 40x60


60x90-2014, oil,canvas.

Pretty Nudes

60x80, 2014, oil on canvas

Fish on Jordan River

50x40, 2009, oil on canvas

Angel With Fish

50x100, 2014, oil on canvas


70x90, 2014, oil on canvas


95x75, 2014, oil on canvas

In the Cage

70x100, 2014, oil on canvas

Garden Ring Street, Moscow

50x60, 2014, oil on canvas

Jewish boy

50x40, 2014, oi on canvas

The Red Dog

40 х 50, oil on canvas, modeling paste. 2014 private collection

The Wite Wolf

60x90, 2010, oil on canvas.

The Red Dragon

80х100, 2009, oi on canvas, private collection

I am an Composer

50x70, 2011, oil on canvas.

Houses of Life

60x80, 2010, oil on canvas, private collection